Monday, August 02, 2004


Our appointment is at 10:30am Tues. so we are very excited and nervous but just so happy to be getting in there.

Also, we got our laptop working thanks to Dave's boss (thank you, Ken, you're the best!!) who was very quick about e-mailing us some drivers for the modem that we needed. And now we can get on the internet in our apartment.

We just posted some pictures of the apartment at:

Our interpreter, Nastya, is picking us up at 8:40am Tues. so we can head to the NAC and, hopefully, get in a little early. We will let you know how the appt. goes. Please, keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

Shannon and Dave


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys--- it was great to talk to you!! As I said Brenna is doing great! We keep her busy playing with her friends, taking walks to the ponds, and drawing pictures. Hopefully you have alot of luck tomorrow with the NAC! We love you... Nikki, Jeremy, nic and luc

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WMI is happy that the modem drivers worked. Phil really gets the credit for extracting the drivers from KW's computer and getting them to Ken for the "e-mail" We are all excited that the process is continuing and your apartment looks real cute... IKEA?

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi mommy and daddy... I miss you very much. I am having fun! I went to kiddieland and rode a big roller coaster and a mini "drop". I screamed alot! I have fed the fish alot so they grow big arms like sharks:) I love you and Aubree. Come home soon. Love- Brenna

5:36 PM  

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