Saturday, August 21, 2004


Aubree had a couple rough days after we returned home. She, basically, cried non-stop for two days. Her poor little eyes were swollen shut almost!! But she is doing much better now. She really seems to be enjoying herself. Just a little while ago she was chasing Brenna around the house!! Jeez, that was a site....our two girls playing and laughing together!! We love it!!

My dad's work had a company picnic today and we took the girls and Aubree was great! We were really nervous about how she would handle being around a bunch of people but she had fun so it was really a nice day.

After the picnic we took her to meet some family and she did pretty good there, too. She hadn't napped all day so it didn't go as good as the picnic but she let some the family hold her so that was nice.

So, things are going well. We will post some new pictures soon.

Shannon and Dave


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are very glad to hear things are looking up!! Time takes care of alot of things. How is your Dad doing now also. I hope he is getting along better. Say hi to all and so glad to hear all your great news. Love Rita and Terry

9:18 PM  
Blogger tina said...

Hi guys, Sounds like she's really happy! Brenna must just be in seventh heaven being the BIG sister! Can't wait to see Aubree and Brenna together.I'll be in touch with ya, but I'm sure I'll never get ahold of ya, seeing there's two girls in the house now, (just ask Teresa she say's I'm never home.) They really do keep ya so busy and you don't even realize how busy you are until you get home, and see 15 calls on the caller ID,and it's already time to make supper.Keep in touch.
Tina Casey

10:46 AM  

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