Wednesday, August 11, 2004


We were able to see Aubree this morning for about an hour. She is still sick so we kept her inside. She still has bad congestion in her chest, is coughing and has a runny nose. She was really tugging on her ear so I think she may have an ear ache, too. We told her caregivers so, hopefully, they will have the doctor look at it. She was grouchy and tired but that was expected. We won't be able to see her in the afternoon.

We are hoping our paper work in Kiev will be signed tonight (our translator is confident it will be). If it is, we will have court tomorrow at 1pm and then we have to go to two different records offices, the passport office and the notary. And then we can go to the orphanage and pick up Aubree for good. We will then catch the 8:30pm train back to Kiev and will arrive there at 10:20am Friday morning. Then the beginning of next week Aubree will have a medical check up and then we will get her Visa and then we can come home. We are hoping to leave next Thursday for home. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that everything goes as planned!

Let's see...Dave and I spent the day walking around Donetsk yesterday. The actual downtown of Donetsk is very nice. We found an English Pub and Restaurant with English menus (Yea!). The food was good and Dave enjoyed a couple beers. Then we went shopping because we wanted to buy Aubree some toys (and for you, too, Brenna!!) and some headbands for Aubree. Well, we found some head bands... after trying, forever, to explain to 5 different women what we wanted. They brought out a bunch of head bands and we picked three. And we, also, picked out a couple jars of food for Aubree. Well, we didn't check the price on the head bands because we much can they be?? The bill came to $350 gryvna!! We were like what?? but paid it because they couldn't speak English. So, we go out and look at the bill and the jars of food were very cheap but the head bands in US dollars were about $20 each!!! For cheap looking little streachy head bands!! So, we get back to the apartment and show our translator, Sergei, the head bands and he starts laughing at us. Turns out the head bands are a very expensive brand from France!! Those women took advantage of us silly Americans! We should have known when they had to go downtstairs in the basement to get the head bands out! That's the last time we go shopping without Sergei!

That's about all. We will post later tonight to let everyone know if our paper work in Kiev was signed. We should know by 7pm our time (11am your time). Take care everyone and as always...thanks for all your support!

Oh, Dave now has a cough on top of his cold so, hopefully, he will feel better soon.

Shannon and Dave


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you silly kids!! aubree is goind to be the most stylish child with her 20.00 headbands. well..we are hoping for your court papers to get to you today..we really want you home. take care of dave and his cold and cough. tell him to relax this afternoon since you cant see aubree:( well, gotta go the boys and bren are all up. luv- nik

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys-got a chuckle out of your latest adventure. The same thing happened to Bob and I on our honeymoon-we ended up paying something crazy like that for 2 ice cream cones. Oh well-I am sure that is just one of the many times you will splurge on your two little darlings-just think-now you will have to buy two of every outfit so they are always dressed the same. Yeah its safe to say all of our girls will need some serious help when we get through with them over the next 18 years. I got my fingers crossed that you will get the word soon-9:00 a.m. our time now-I will check again in a few hours. We will say a prayer for you and Brenna that you will be starting home soon!!!! Love Julie

8:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there. poor aubree - poor dave. hopefully both of you will be feeling better soon. it seems as though things are moving along quickly. i know how much shan loves the country you are in!!!!, but we want you to come home. i'm glad you guys had a chance to spend a nice day together. too bad about the headband incident, but aubree will be a styling girl. try to give us a call today. we love you - mom

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats kinda funny about the headbands... hey well jeanine will probably know about them.. ha ha! Poopy, im sorry that your sick.. and that Aubree is too... that stinks but then maybe she'll get over it so then she will be really healthy when she comes home.. i hope all of the appointments and meetings and schedules go smoothly.. always thinking and praying for u.. Dave, eat some soup.. and drink healthy tea (green or light colored...not black) if you can read the labels... and relax. cant wait to see angel

10:14 AM  

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