Monday, August 23, 2004


I've posted some new pictures of Brenna and Aubree in the new "Our Girls" album at:


Shannon and Dave


Blogger tina said...

Hi Shan, They look so cute together, Aubree and Brenna Look like they are really having a fun day together. So, are they keeping ya on your toes? My boys just went to school for they're first day back,and it's Mathew's first day at in kindergarten. Believe it or not I didn't even follow the bus or cry but, I think it had to do with the boys get to ride the same bus with him and help him if he feels scared,(Joseph even told him he would sit on the bus with him, And you know that's not like Joseph.) So,my day starts with Tiara saying over and over "Boys Bus" she can't understand where the boys went. You'll soon be there so cherish the days they're fighting with each other, because you'll soon be saying, Tina, what do I do now they're all at school, and not even missing ya. That's the worst part!
keep in touch, Tina Casey

8:25 AM  

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