Friday, August 06, 2004


We're so sorry it's taken so long to post. It has been crazy here with running around and all. And we can't get internet in our apartment and we have not been able to call home...we're going nuts with no contact! Anyway...

Aubree Diana will soon, officially, be a part of the family. We just knew she would be the one. As we were walking into the building I started daughter is in there and she doesn't even know who I am. Scary thought. When we walked in the music room, Aubree Diana, was standing with her back to us. She is a tiny little thing with a mass of curly, curly dark brown hair. Dave and I talked about it later and we had both decided before she even turned around that she was the kidding. When she turned around we were greeted with big, big black eyes. And she has the most adorable big lips and great big round cheeks! She is beautiful! She is 16 months old. She can walk and is potty trained. She seems to be very smart. She is very cautious. We weren't able to get many smiles out of her the first day. We started whistling to her and she loved that. She would just look back and forth between us and get the tiniest little smile on her face. And then she started trying to whistle herself. Too cute!! We gave her some cherry juice and she just about attacked the cup she liked it so much. She had that coffee cup (that's what they drink out of) and she had it plastered to her face because she couldn't get enough. Seriously, we could not pry it away from her face!! Finally, she was able to learn to drink through the straw right out of the juice box. And we gave her some snacks, too, which she, also, enjoyed. She seems to be very healthy. She is just getting over the chicken pox. They cover all the scabs with some green liquid stuff so if you notice it in pictures that's what it is. Speaking of pictures, we have taken many but don't know when we will be able to post. We're so SORRY about that!! We're going to try to get the internet working in the apartment tonight and then we will post some pictures. We are hoping to have our court date next Wed. or Thurs. and then we will head back to Kiev to get her medical check up and Visa and then will be able to fly home. We are hoping to be ready to come home Aug. 18th or 19th but we'll see. In the mean time, we get to see Aubree two times a day...9am-10am and 1pm-3pm. Not much but, hopefully, enough that she will be a little more comfortable with us by the time we are ready to head home. We'll post again when we can.

Hi Brennie girl!! We miss you more than you know and can't wait to get home and give you a million kisses and a million hugs!!! Aubree can't wait to meet you. We showed her your picture and she smiled! She loves you already! We'll call you soon, baby. We love you!!

Shannon and Dave


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi- I just got done posting a message for everyone to let them know you are ok and then your new post came through. I have had a few calls from worried friends. I am so excited about Aubree and cant wait to see pics!! I will check when I get off work. Well- you guys enjoy your little girl and be safe. love you--nik

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah- Brenna is doing good. Jermeys friend mike is here and brenna just loves him. she kept smiling and dancing for him. then she spilled chocalte milk on her so we got her a new outift and on her way down the stairs she said "mike is gonna love this one." haha. then he would smile at her and she would start laughing in her funny giggle and say-- "ninny- he wants to kiss me". i bought her some fun foam for her baths and she had fun with that and we finger painted yesterday too. On Sunday- we are going to a water park- just me and her so it should be fun. talk to you soon. luv- nik

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So its official - we are grandparents again. Can't wait for you to bring Aubree home. Sounds like the way she attacked the juice box that she has a sweet tooth like Brenna already. They don't give you much time with her every day but it won't take long before she is looking for you each day. We are so happy for both and you, Brenna and for ourselves. Now there are four. Can't wait for the pix. Love - Mom

6:17 AM  
Blogger Wendy, Tim, Colby, and Logan said...

Hi guys. I'm so happy for you. I was worried yesterday and was checking the web site every hour. It's great to know you are all doing well and you found your daughter. I'll be looking forward to the pictures. Take care and be safe and give Aubree a hug from the Goetsch family. Love, Wendy, Tim, Colby, and Logan

7:48 AM  
Blogger Wendy, Tim, Colby, and Logan said...

Hi guys. I'm so glad you finally posted. I was checking the web site every hour yesterday and I was starting to get worried. We are very happy for you and I can't wait to see pictures of Aubree. It sounds like your getting home earlier than expected so that's good too. Be safe and give Aubree a hug from the Goetsch family. Love, Wendy, Tim, Colby, and Logan

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW - I am so happy for you. It is amazing what you guys are doing and what wonderful parents you are. Words cannot even express how much my heart feels - it is almost like I want to thank you for what you are doing if that makes any sense. Hopefully I will get to meet Aubree. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world. Thank you for letting me follow you through and your family are in my prayers. Have a safe trip. ;-) - Alison (PS..Keelys Birthday is April 10th!!)

8:37 AM  
Blogger Sally said...

Congrats!!! We are so happy that you found her, and so quickly!! Sounds like everything is moving right along. I cannot wait to see that curly hair!! That is great that you will be able to come home alot earlier than planned. I kept wondering yesterday how things went, and figured you were busy. I couldnt wait to get into work today to check out your site. Sounds like Brenna has a new boyfriend, HA!!
Well, glad to hear that Aubree has been found and cannot wait to meet her. Take care and be safe.

Sally and Scott

PS, Shan, your dress came in yesterday, so I will pick it up for you. :)

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey guys HOW EXCITING i just called everyone in the fam to let them know... i ccant wait to meet her... YEAH she will be part of our "Darkies" side of the fam with those big brown eyes... oh i am just so happy for u... we'll keep you SOOOOOOO MUCH.

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the above comment is from
i couldnt wait to send it and i forgot my name . oops?
love ange

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had trouble with the computer and it took so long to get to the pictures, but the time was worth it, Aubree is beautiful. Looks like she is a hat girl like Brenna. I will call to see if Jeremy or Dianne have showed the pixs to Brenna. Take care of yourselves and our new little girl. I am so happy. Congrats - Love - Mom PS I will try to get ahold of dad and let him know about the pixs.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shannon & Dave - so happy for your family! Can't wait to see pictures. Best of luck on a smooth and speedy remainder of the process. I know how much you are missing Brenna right now, so know that I am thinking of you!!

Jennifer Daniels

3:51 PM  

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