Saturday, August 07, 2004


But only one of Aubree which you can see in the "Family Photos" album. And then in the "Donetsk" album is a few pictures of the orphanage and the city we are in.

We can't see Aubree on Sundays so we probably won't post until Mon. Have a great weekend everyone!!

Shannon and Dave


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dad and nik just left for karah's wedding.
it must be hard not seeing aubree today. i was looking at the pixs of aubree again. i am so anxious to be able to hold her and see her and brenna together. i will check the family album for the new pix before i log off. Get some rest and take care. i love you both - mom

2:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Shannon and Dave, It is great you are getting along so good and Aubree is warming right up to. It will be fun to see how fast your two girls warm up to each other. Take care of Yourselves, Love Rita, Terry and Oscar

5:58 PM  
Blogger dianneandron said...

Hi, Mommy and Daddy. I miss you. I love you. I want to see more pictures of Aubree. I love my sister. She has eight teeth, WOW. I was in a big bubble today at the children's museum, and I think mimi had just as much fun as I did there. Papa got me a bubblegum cigar at the Cigar store. It was stinky in there and I held my nose. I am being such a loving girl to Mimi and Papa, and I was just missing you for a minute when I looked at the pictures again. I can't wait till you all get home, sorry I have to go play. Love, Hugs, Kisses (and they are sweet). Your Brenna
P.S. I bought some toys for Aubree at Toys R Us. I will show her how they work.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey guys-sure you are going crazy not seeing Aubree today-when will you know when you can come home? The pictures were really neat-its amazing to see how other countries live. Chloe keeps wanting to look at Aubree pictures-she so funny she keeps saying "whats that Baby of Brenna's name" Bob and I were talking about how perfect it will be the Chloe will have a playmate her age and Willow will have one her age too. Hopefully Aubree wont mind that her playmate still wears a diaper! hahahah Thats amazing that she is already potty trained. Anyway-take care-looking forward to tomorrow to see how things are going-Be Safe-Love Bob and Julie

9:25 AM  

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