Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Aubree did really great at the doctor's office. She only fussed a little bit through the whole exam. Her doctor said she looks very healthy and doesn't seem to be all that delayed for a child that has been in an orphanage for 16 months. She weighs 21 pounds (gained two pounds since we've had her) and is 30.5" tall.

The doctor decided it was best to do all her vaccinations over just to be sure. So, she got 4 shots of vaccinations today and we go back in 8 weeks for more. Basically, she has to make up for 16 months of vaccinations so she needs quite a few. Poor thing. Though she did handle the shots well. We have to take her to the hopsital to get blood drawn so she can be checked for various things. She has to have a chest X-Ray. And she needs to go to the Easter Seal Center to be evaluated. All of this is just to make sure she is fine and developing as she should be which we are pretty sure she is.

Here at home things are going good. She gets more and more comfortable every day. The only time we have a real problem is when we put her down for naps and at bed time. She gets really, really upset but only for about 5 minutes (at the most) and then she goes to sleep. But I know many kids do that!

We'll let you know how all her test results come out.

Shannon and Dave


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear how well things are going! Aubree sounds like an amazing little girl, and it sounds like Brenna has just fallen in love with her sister! I am so happy for all of you!

AmBuer (Oleg's group)

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Aubree too and thats how I found your web page.Thats great that everything is going good. My neighbor just adopted and she is doing really good also.
Best Wishes,

9:48 PM  

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