Monday, September 06, 2004


Things are going pretty good. During the day things are great. Aubree plays and enjoys herself. However, once Dave gets home from work we start having some problems with her. If Dave tries to shower or go to the bathroom or go outside or whatever Aubree gets hysterical! Once he's home Aubree wants Dave to, continously, hold her and be in her sighe. As I said, during the day we don't have these problems. She gets a little nervous if I walk out of the room but she just follows me and once she realizes I am not leaving her she is fine. She likes me to hold her once in a while but is fine when I put her down. But she really latches on to Dave once he is home and won't let go. We think it may be because he is gone all day and once he is here she may be afraid he is going to leave again?? We don't really know. But we are trying to not have him hold her, constantly, and just letting her see that he is only going into another room and not leaving again.

The other problem time is when she goes down for a nap and down for bed for the night. We hold her and rock her for a minute but then we put her in her crib to go to sleep on her own and she just loses it....gets hysterical and screams bloody murder! She must be afraid that we are leaving her again which I guess we are but only for the night but, of course, she does not realize this yet. But we have only been home for 3 weeks so, hopefully, so I know it will take her time to learn that we aren't going to leave her for good. Poor little baby.

She still eats like crazy! She would never stop eating if she had her way. When she knows food is around she goes into a full rock and starts squealing because she just can't wait to get the food in her mouth. I;m sure this, too, will pass when she starts realizing she will always have food. But for now it is great to have a child who will eat any kind of food! Brenna won't eat a thing....unless it is gum or candy!

I'm not sure how she is attaching. She seems comfortable with Dave and me but she will go to pretty much anyone else, too. Again, I think it's just too early to tell.

So, we are still going through some adjustments but as I said, it's only been 3 weeks so I can't expect too much so soon.

Shannon and Dave


Blogger tina said...

Shan, It's so nice to hear how things are going.Aubree and Brenna are so cute together, I bet Brenna is a big helper,and that's always nice to see. Hope to get Tiara by sometime when your at your dad's to have all the babys together. Nik's babys are so cute also, I can't believe how big they are already.Keep in touch.
Tina Casey

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think everything is just real early ..and shes just adjusting to a ton of changes.... poor baby... but soon
enough it will be like nothing and she will be fine...
hope to see u soon.ange

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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