Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Aubree enjoyed her first Halloween. She loves food and she loves candy just as much! We didn't let her have much but she enjoyed what she got! She went trick or treating with Brenna and my nephews, Nic and Luc. It was great to see them all dressed up.

Aubree continues to amaze us. In the last couple weeks she is really babbling so much and learning so many words. She is so smart! Brenna and her continue to build a really great relationship. I can't tell you how great it is for Dave and me when we hear them playing together and giggling together. We waited so long for this and it is so wonderful to now have our two girls and to watch them enjoy one another.

Aubree seems to be realizing more that Dave and I are "Mama" and "Daddy". She seems to come to us more rather than just going to anyone when she wants something. Everything is really going good and, so far, it seems she is settling in very well. She is still eating non-stop but, I guess, I can't complain about that because it would be worse if she wasn't eating at all. She goes down for her naps with no problem. At bedtime we rock her for awhile and then put her down to fall alseep on her own and, still, she only cries for a minute or two and then she falls alseep for the night. She goes to bed at 7pm and sleeps until almost 8am so that's great!

I've posted more pictures in the "Fall 2004" album at:


Shannon and Dave


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