Thursday, April 13, 2006

Finally an Update!

It has been so long since I've posted! I can't believe that Aubree has been home with us for over a year and half already! It's amazing. Time just flies by! I mean, it's April already!

We celebrated Aubree's 3rd birthday last Sat. She dove right into opening her presents 'tho I don't think she even noticed them. She would just throw stuff off out of the bags and keep digging! She had lots of fun though.

Aubree has come a long way since we brought her home in Aug. of 2004. I look at her sometimes and I just think about how different her life would be right now if she was still in that orphanage. I am just so happy that she is with us!

It has taken Aubree a long time to truly come out of her shell. I would say that in the last few weeks we have really seen a difference. She is really talking now - we can't understand her when she really gets going but she's saying something. I would say she is a little behind in her speech but I'm not worried about it at all.

I think she is almost potty trained! She was playing outside today and she ran to the door to tell me she had to use the bathroom! Yea! What a break through!

Aubree is still very cautious with me and that's hard for me but I know she is not doing it intentionally, obviously. We are not fully attached to one another but I know the day will come. It's been hard but the good moments are so worth it! Her relationship with Dave and Brenna is wonderful! She hasn't had any major attachment issues with them and it's great to see her relationships with them thrive.

Brenna and Aubree have a great time together. It's like they have been sisters forever. Brenna is a mother hen with Aubree - it's funny to watch. They are both girly-girls and can spend hours playing dress up.

Aubree takes a Parent/Tot Tumbling class with Dave and she loves! She's good, too! She loves to swing on the rings.

Aubree is growing like a weed! I think she is going to be tall. And she is very skinny. She can wear size 24 months for pants - the only problem is the length. The size is way too short for her but they fit her perfectly in the waist because she is so thin! So, I am glad summer is here so she can wear shorts in the size she needs and the length doesn't matter.

I guess, that's about it. We are all doing good. I will post a few new pictures of the girls soon.



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